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There is a Government wide initiative to utilize the services and products that are made or offered by small businesses nationwide in order to create jobs, create sustainability and benefit our economy.

Federal, State and Local Governments offer small businesses like yours the opportunity to sell billions of dollars worth of products and services.


Business Thru Government, Inc.. is a business development firm focused on winning federal government contracts, GSA certification, and SBA 8a certification. Whether it's certifying and approving your company to work with the federal government, searching contracts, or writing proposals, we are a complete business to government resource from A-Z.

Business Thru Government contract specialist and consultants are experienced in a broad range of industries, including transportation, construction, technology, and contracting. Our elite contract capture team provides us with leverage over the competition based on our years of professional experience. We are experienced in all facets of winning government contracts for small business; when it comes to doing business with the government, the competition ends here.

Business Thru Government, Inc. will open the door to government contracts, remove the red tape and expand your business through public projects.

A Proven Way to Grow Your Small Business

In 2003, nearly 20,000 small businesses across America received their FIRST government contract. Government contracts are solid, secure, and almost as good as money in the bank because the government is required by law to pay invoices within 30 days. Uncle Sam may be the ultimate customer for your business.The Government awards a contract to a certified vendor every 20 seconds. Are you ready for yours?

An Urgent Need for Your Services

The U.S. government is also required by law to award the lion’s share of its business to outside vendors of all types. Thus, the government needs companies both large and small to apply for its contracts and the potential is huge. More than $700 billion in contracts will be available nationally this year alone. Of this total, over $190 billion in contracts will be reserved exclusively for small businesses.

Business Thru Government is one of the few companies in the nation that doesn't need to teach you how to win federal government contracts; we do the work for you, at a fraction of the price.

Business Thru Government Inc. is a privately held business development company focused on assisting small businesses with Government procurement and bureaucracy. Business Thru Government is not a Government agency and is not affiliated with or endorsed by any Government agency.

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